River of News App Updated After Stupid App Store Rejection

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen a stupid App Store rejection – but this weekend brings evidence that they’re still happening. The River of News blog has a post up detailing their rejection when they submitted a recent update.

River of News is an excellent RSS reader app for the iPad – my favorite for quite a while now – and has been on the App Store since August and had multiple updates since its initial release. The developer recently submitted a bug-fix update that resolved an issue with memory management in iOS 4.2 and freeze ups in the app. The update spent a long time in review and then got rejected on these grounds:

because the release notes contained “defamatory comments about Apple.”

Now I can see how that might be a perfectly appropriate reason in some cases. If developers laced their release notes with profanity aimed at Apple or virulent attacks on app reviewers or similar, then fair enough if those are rejected I think – but here is what Apple objected to on this occasion:

It would be appropriate to remove “In-app browser is no longer full screen because of iOS 4.2 compatibility problem” from the Release Notes.

I don’t see anything there that seems ‘defamatory’. In any case, the developer changed the wording on the release notes and the update got approved – but the initial rejection just goes to show there are still some crazy hoops that devs have to jump through now and again when dealing with the App Store review process.

Via: River of News Blog

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2 thoughts on “River of News App Updated After Stupid App Store Rejection”

  1. I don’t have a problem with this rejection. They were essentially blaming apple for not having a browser in app. If they changed their code there would be no prob. It may not be defamatory, but it is Apple’s prerogative to reject.

    1. I don't think that's what happened. The app has always had an inline browser. There was just an issue with that browser in full-screen mode in iOS 4.2.

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