Start Your Business Is Featured iPad App Store Section This Week

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Start Your Business iPad App Store

Each week the iPad App Store offers up a handful of topical or themed sections in its Featured area. One of the notable ones this week is ‘Start Your Business’ – which is a good looking, eclectic collection of productivity and business oriented apps.

The section highlights 30+ app, and categories and types of apps including note-taking and writing apps, productivity apps, social networking apps, utilities, and finance and business apps.

There are several of my favorite and most used iPad apps in the section – titles like 1Password, Evernote, OmniFocus, Dropbox, Skype, Calcbot, and Keynote.

It’s a solid selection of apps for business users, and a great advert for how much you can get done on the iPad – despite what the ‘only for consumption’ crowd might say.

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3 thoughts on “Start Your Business Is Featured iPad App Store Section This Week”

  1. I am such a productivity geek – that this set of apps is like a candy store to me. Can’t wait to explore some of the collection.

    1. Ha, me too on the productivity geek side of things. Did a full, clean reinstall of Mountain Lion on my MacBook Pro last night. Still fussing with theme tweaks and getting OmniFocus just right today. :)

  2. It’s nice to see business apps give some priority. Too many times games are the focus of app stores. There are a lot of great business/productivity apps out there that many users have never heard of.

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