The First Crazy iPad App Rejection?

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iPad Dashboard App

It didn’t take long for the iPad side of the App Store to see its first stupid app rejection by Apple’s reviewers.  The app pictured above is the Dashboard app, intended for the iPad – but rejected by Apple because it:

contradicted the iPad’s user experience

What does that even mean?  That’s not a reason I can recall hearing in amongst many crazy iPhone app rejections. It definitely sounds like another App Store decision ripe for reversal if the developer presses their case.

In the meantime, you can see a video demo of the app at Gizmodo:

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4 thoughts on “The First Crazy iPad App Rejection?”

  1. Actually, this pretty much looks like an "app store within the app store," something they definitely don't allow. I'd be surprised if they reverse this – then again they surprise me (in good AND bad ways) on a regular basis so who knows?

  2. The concept was nice, but I didn´t like the looks. If you were able to change the background it Would have been better.

  3. i think this just means "we don't want that because we're currently working on the same idea and gonna make a better software just like this soon – but psst don't tell anyone"

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