There Are Over 5,000 iPad Apps Now, Here’s Where You Can See That on the iPad

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So there are now a little over 5,400 iPad apps in the App Store, as of around 10 minutes ago. And there is now an easy way to keep up with how many iPad apps there are, right in the App Store on the iPad itself.

If you go to the Featured section of the App Store and press to go to the Release Date tab, it shows you that you are currently seeing, for instance, apps 1-12 of 5,407 – as shown in the screencap above.

You can also now keep track of how many apps there are in each of the App Store categories.  Just go to a category and got to the Release Date tab.  It’s easy to see that there are currently 1,411 iPad games …

iPad Games

301 Productivity apps …

iPad Productivity apps

And (a surprisingly low) 117 Social Networking apps …

iPad Social Networking apps

It will be fun to watch the overall number of apps grow, and it’s always interesting to see how numbers of apps compare amongst the different categories.  So I like this little new element of the App Store interface.

I spotted this via MG Siegler’s post at TechCrunch.

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