1Password 4 for iPad: New, Improved & Better than Ever

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1Password 4 for iPad

1Password has been a popular and leading password manager app for iOS and Mac for as long as I can remember.  It now supports Windows PCs too and for my money it is easily the best solution in its category. I picked it as one of our selections in the Best iPad Apps of 2011 list.

At the end of last week the latest shiny new version of 1Password for iPad and iOS was released – and Oh Boy, talk about not resting on your laurels. This is a great new version with some very nice new features – like these:

* iCloud — Secure syncing with Apple simplicity
* Favorites — Access your most used items with a single tap
* Full browser — Address bar with built-in search, tabs, printing: the works!
* Form filling — Fill Credit Cards and Identities on websites just like with 1Password Mac and Windows!
* iTunes File Sharing — Easily grab a copy of your data file right from iTunes
* Action Bar — Swipe across an item to easily copy its password, mark is as a favorite, open it in the browser, or delete it
* Global search — Find what you’re looking for the first time
* Available in 11 languages!
* Password Generator — Now available in the built-in browser without a prescription
* Attachment viewer — View file attachments on the go

In these days of rampant identity theft and hackers often outpacing security, you could argue that there is no more important apps than an effective, secure password manager and information vault. 1Password fits the bill and is a pleasure to use. It has been and remains an essential for me on iPad and the Mac.

Here’s an App Store link for 1Password; it’s priced at $7.99 and is a universal app for both iPad and iPhone.

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11 thoughts on “1Password 4 for iPad: New, Improved & Better than Ever”

    1. You can attach files to 1Password entries in 1Password on the desktop. Then, those attachments can be viewed in 1Password 4 on iOS. We plan to add attachment management including attaching photos directly from the camera in a future update.

      Jamie Phelps
      Code Wrangler @ AgileBits

  1. Just to be clear, this new version of 1Password, version 4, is not for the iPad. 1password 4 requires iOS 6, and the iPad is capped at iOS 5.1.1. There was the iPad, then came the iPad 2, followed by iPad with Retina Display and lastly iPad Mini. Yes, to some this will seem trivial semantics, but to many it is a slick marketing numbers game that Agile Bits (developers of 1password) is just the latest to employ.
    If you have an iPad 2, iPad w/ RD, iPad mini, then yes, this is the version of 1Password for your device. Current users of 1Password 3 should take careful consideration prior to upgrading, even on compatable devices.
    1Password 4 is a fantastic app for iOS 6, not so for the iPad. It also comes at a price if you currently use version 3. Know before you owe.

    1. Just to be clear, this app absolutely is for the iPad. Look at its App Store entry. This is not any sort slick marketing anything on Agile Bits’ part – it’s standard practice with software on just about any platform. You don’t see people saying the latest version of Microsoft Office is not a Windows app because it won’t run on older hardware.

      1. @Jamie, and what makes you think I have not been an active participant of said thread on the Agilebits forums? It is shameful Agilebits did this (removing a vital feature) and then attempts to push users in to accepting it. Want confirmation, read pages 1 through 9 of the thread.

        Yes, Agilebits is NOW working on a solution but ONLY after upset users made a stink about the loss of functionality, spoke through their blogs, ratings reviews on iTunes, Facebook, etc.

        Maybe WiFi syncing had issues but the answer is not to remove the feature, especially without finding out how often it is used.

        Now Agilebits has to do more, work harder, to re-earn my trust as a customer. This is probably true for other users who have been burned by this episode. I am out the money for the upgrade which I cannot use and full disclosure was hidden from me at the time of my purchasing decision. What makes Agilebits think I will be so fast to upgrade my desktop version of 1Password when version 4 is released?

        1. Hi, Tony. I didn’t mean to imply you hadn’t been active there. I just wanted to make sure you and others know that it’s something we’re actively engaging with our users on. I won’t rehash all the reasons that we had for removing the feature; they’ve been more than covered in the forum thread I linked to and that you’ve been participating in.

          > Maybe WiFi syncing had issues but the answer is not to remove the feature, especially without finding out how often it is used.

          It’s not that it “had issues” but that it simply did not work for a large number of our users. Up until we introduced cloud syncing with Dropbox, Wi-Fi syncing was one of the largest sources of customer support requests. After, it was nearly nonexistent. You’re right that we didn’t gather any statistics about 1Password users’ use of Wi-Fi syncing. This is something we take pride in (not gathering information about our users) and those users that prefer Wi-Fi sync usually do so for either security reasons or because of firewall restrictions. The former group would likely not have allowed us to gather the statistics and the latter group would not have been allowed to report the statistics to our remote server. So, it seems to me at least that even if we had tried to gather the statistics, the results would have still been skewed in favor of Dropbox and standalone users.

          Jamie Phelps
          Code Wrangler @ AgileBits

  2. An organization that takes pride in not polling its user base. Do you know how wrong that sounds?

    If the company I work for tried to do what Agilebits did we would be in a lot of trouble from our user base.

    Why did WiFi not work for people? It was simple to setup and even simpler to use. As the thread on the Agilebits’s forums show a lot of people feel strongly about the issue.

    There is now ill will in the user base and that will impact 1Password’s future. It will take more time and more resources to resolve this than it would have probably taken to come up with an alternative that could have been patched in to 1Pv3 for the desktop that worked with 1P4 for mobile devices.

    Trust me, there are marketing studies that show the bottom line cost of alienating a customer base. Just look at the iTune reviews of late and see how many of us have been vocal about the removal of WiFi sync, stranding our data to our mobile devices because we will not or cannot use Dropbox or iCloud.

    See if Agilebits had bothered to ask they would have determined the 2 syncing methods (iTunes file copy is not a syncing method) they would have learned they needed to provide something for stranded users. Saying it will go in to 1P4 for the desktop means a lot of people won’t upgrade until all versions of 1P4 can communicate easily with desktop and mobile devices.

    Looking also at the Agilebits’s forum I see a large number of issues with iCloud and Dropbox syncing so that is not going as well as anticipated.


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