1Password for iPad Updated: New Direct Sync Beta and More

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1Password for iPad

1Password, the popular and award winning password manager app for iPad and iOS, has been updated today – to Version 4.1. This update follows close on the heels of the 1Password 4 release last month.

One of the most notable areas of attention in this update is sync. Dropbox and iCloud sync are said to be improved and there’s also a new direct (USB) sync utility that’s in beta testing on Mac now. The latter of those is a response to many users being unhappy that direct wireless sync was dropped in 1Password 4. The developers of  1Password, AgileBits, have heard the user feedback and are working hard to address it – as they outline in their recent blog post on the subject.

This update also packs a lot more improvements and enhancements to the already stellar app. Here’s the remainder change list for it:

・ Improved Master Password and Quick Unlock Code settings.
・ Added Display Settings. Added font options and colors for better display of passwords.
・ Tapping tab icon twice on iPad will now take you to the root view.
・ It is no longer needed to tap-and-hold on rows in the item detail view to show the menu. Now can simply tap to show the menu.

・ Performance improvements and bug fixes in the built-in web browser.
・ Added option to copy current URL.
・ Improved search. Now always showing search bar.
・ Added item search in portrait orientation on iPad.
・ Attachments are now shown in Secure Notes.
・ Added support for ophttp:// and ophttp:// URLs. To open 1Password from Mobile Safari, simply type ‘op’ in front of the address.
・ Added support for onepassword://search/search_text to open 1Password and perform search.
・ Added Czech, Danish, Hebrew and Polish translations.
・ Many more bug fixes and improvements.

Updates like this one are part of what makes 1Password such a great app. The developers are quick to address user concerns and are continually making improvements to the iPad, iOS, and desktop versions of the app.

Here’s an App Store link for 1Password; it’s priced at $7.99.

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  1. Cool update. I personally use SplashData’s SplashID Safe and there was no need for me to buy the iPad edition since the original software is already compatible to it. However, they came up with a specific version to take advantage of the device’s large screen size.

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