1Password for iPad Updated: Wi-Fi Sync Is Back

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1Password iPad app

The ever-excellent 1Password app for iPad and iOS has been updated this week, to Version 4.3.

The biggest change in this update is the heavily requested return of Wi)fi sync as an option. I know that many users pressed for this as they don’t like the idea of having their passwords stored in the cloud via iCloud or Dropbox. It’s good to see that the developers of 1Password have kept to their word and returned this feature.

This latest update to 1Password also brings ‘better support’ for iOS 7, which can’t be a bad thing for those of us in the over 70% of iOS users who have moved up to the latest version of iOS.

Here’s the full change list for this latest version of 1Password:

What’s New
* Wi-Fi sync option is now available for syncing with 1Password 4 for Mac.
* Custom items icons added on Mac are now shown.
* Added new setting to change user-agent of the built-in browser.
What’s Improved
* Better support for iOS 7
* Greatly improved initial iCloud sync performance.
* Improved search performance.
* Diagnostic information is now emailed as an attachment.
What’s Fixed
* Fixed visual issues with search results on iOS 7.
* Fixed bug that where 1Password process did not terminate after Erase Data.
* Fixed problem where iCloud sync did not start automatically on the initial launch.
* Fixed bug where it was not possible to change the name of an item.
* Fixed sorting and indentation of folders when viewing them in the popover.
* Fixed crash when using voice over and generate password.
* Fixed crash when syncing with Dropbox.
* Fixed problem where sync status would always be shown at the very beginning for a few seconds when switching to the settings view.

I’ve said this before many times and I’m sure I’ll be saying it again in future: 1Password is a superb password manager app for the iPad and iOS devices and it is great to how frequent and substantial the updates for it are.

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