1Password Pro Updated – Adds Cloud Sync via Dropbox

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1Password Pro syncs with Dropbox 

1Password can now sync automatically using Dropbox!

Also known as “syncing to the cloud”, this amazing feature allows you to keep your Mac, Windows, and iOS devices in sync at all times, even when they are running on different networks. (Yes, I did say Windows; 1Password for Windows is currently in beta testing)

Oh boy – this is some fantastic update news. 1Password Pro – the excellent password manager app for iPad, iPhone, and desktop – has been recently updated, and has added the ability to sync to ‘the cloud’ via Dropbox.

1Password and Dropbox are two of my most favorite and essential apps – across desktop, iPad, and iPhone.  Putting the two of them together is like a chocolate + peanut butter moment times 100. 

This means no more need for WiFi sync over a local WiFi network.  It means you can just let Dropbox do all the hard work and stay in sync no matter where you are across your desktop 1Password and all your iDevices.  And Dropbox does file sync effortlessly and better than any other service I’ve seen – by a long margin.

I’ve updated 1Password on my MacBook and on the iPad and iPhone – and the new feature works perfectly.  

Here are some further notes on the new Dropbox sync feature, via the folks at 1Password:

1Password Pro is currently the only edition with Dropbox syncing. The standard editions will receive this feature in the next update (currently awaiting approval from Apple).

Starting in version 3.5, all editions of 1Password touch require iOS 4 on iPhone and 3.2 on iPad. We’ve received several requests to support iPhone OS 3.1 and we’re considering adding support for this in the future.

If you are already using Dropbox to sync your 1Password data between your Macs and/or PCs, you simply need to install the latest 1Password version and start it at least once before configuring your iOS device.

I used this setup guide to get the new sync going happily and very quickly:


For my money, 1Password and Dropbox are two outstanding and essential apps, that just keep getting better.  This integration between the two is a killer feature for both I think.  I’m also very glad to hear that 1Password has got a Windows version at beta stage.

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7 thoughts on “1Password Pro Updated – Adds Cloud Sync via Dropbox”

  1. So I also love Dropbox and I recently made the switch from a home-grown system to 1Password. Before this update I was already using Dropbox to sync my two desktop machines, but this is a much nicer way to sync my iOS devices. That said, 1Password isn't super-useful on the iDevices. I'm looking forward to the day in the future when I'll actually be able to fill in forms on my iPad using 1Password. Now that Safari's got decent extensions on the desktop maybe there will be some extension love for iPad…

  2. Does anyone else worry about the security implications of keeping your 1password data file in the cloud … I know it's encrypted and all, but it's also got a whack of personal info, banking details etc. As convenient as it is to have cloud sync, I'm not sure I trust drop box with all of that.

  3. Both 1Password and Dropbox use military-level encryption, so you're protected twice. In my opinion, your data is more secure than your credit card and bank data. There's no rational reason to believe that Agile Solutions (1Password) or Dropbox would themselves try to hack your data (good way to destroy a business). I use the cloud all the time (Amazon S3 for online data backup, MobileMe/iDisk, etc.) because it's incredibly efficient. Knowing Dropbox, it was a no-brainer to automatically sync 1Paswword via their cloud. This is so much easier than having to have my devices be physically close to each other to do it.

  4. Does it sync the entire Dropbox folder or does it only sync 1password data? I don’t want to have my entire Dropbox folder on my iPad, that’s a lot of unnecessary space…

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