2Do for iPad Is Getting Push Sync In The Next Two Weeks

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Background App Refresh was introduced with iOS 7 two years ago, but I’ve found that it only seems to work about 50% of the time for me. I still see many of my apps — e.g. Reeder, 2Do, Evernote — syncing upon startup, when they should have already loaded most of the data in the background. The issue here is the way iOS asks users to simply trust how it will balance the load of background tasks, when it should really allow us to prioritize specific apps that we always want to keep up-to-date.  

That’s why the latest blog post from 2Do has me excited. Push Sync is promising faster syncing that pushes changes from my iPad straight to the iPhone, moments after I’ve made a change, and regardless of what syncing service I use for my tasks. You can bet I’ll be testing this new feature out when it hits the App Store in two weeks.


My name is probably Thomas (yes, it is). I'll be able to help you figure out why Evernote isn't syncing, or recommend your favourite new RSS reader to you. That's partly because I am enamoured with the iOS ecosystem and hardware, but mostly because I'm Canadian.

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