A Good Reason Why iBooks Is Not a Built-in iPad App?

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I noticed some time back that the (very pretty looking) iBooks app is not a built-in app on the iPad, even though it was demo-ed and talked about quite a bit at the iPad launch event.  It’s a free download from the App Store instead, and like others I’d been wondering why.

I think the reason put forward in the tweet above from @perfy to John Gruber (of Daring Fireball) is a very good one.

Rather than having to wait on OS updates to tweak the iBooks app, it can be updated whenever, just like any other App Store app – except probably without rejections backed by loony tune reasons and such-like. :)

Via: Daring Fireball

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2 thoughts on “A Good Reason Why iBooks Is Not a Built-in iPad App?”

  1. To my understanding, the reason to do so is to limit the delivery of the iBook app to specific regions. I.e, only where Apple has esteblished a relation with local book publishers will the iBook app be available. At first it will be available only to US customers. Then Canadian, European and so on.

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