A Sign I Need To Do Some Apps Trimming

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Here’s a little sign that I take as a reminder that I need to do some ‘app trimming’ on my iPad 2. It seems like every time I turn around I’ve got 20+ app updates waiting for me in the iPad App Store.
I make a point of applying all pending updates every few days, or at least that’s my goal – and I generally stay pretty on top of that. And still, it feels like every other day I see that badge showing a big number of updates again.
Currently I’ve got 230 apps installed on the iPad 2. Roughly 40 of those are apps that are either to be reviewed or are being looked at for possible review. So I guess when I say I need to do some trimming, what I should say is I need to get some more reviews done.
Are you always on top of app updates on your iPad? How many apps have you got installed on the iPad?

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3 thoughts on “A Sign I Need To Do Some Apps Trimming”

  1. I have 384 apps currently on a 32 GB iPad. I update everyday, so the most I’ve ever had to update at one time is nine.

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