A Singing Whale – Novel Released (first) on iPad

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A Singing Whale novel for iPad

Highly regarded Japanese novelist Ryu Murakami isn’t releasing his next novel on hardcover or paperback. He’s releasing it exclusively on iPad, and including all the multimedia goodies that the platform allows.

Murakami’s novel, A Singing Whale, will feature video elements as well as orchestration by composer Ryuichi Sakamoto—an Academy Award winner for his work on The Last Emperor.

That’s a slice from a Gizmodo piece last week touting the upcoming arrival of this novel. A Singing Whale is now in the App Store, and is said to feature ‘beautiful illustrations, solemn music, and spectacular story …’.

The novel is in Japanese, and here’s a little more on its plot and the author’s accomplishments, from its App Store page:

On the Christmas Eve of 2022, on the seabed near Hawaii, they discovered a humpback whale who can perfectly sing Gregorian Chant…… A hundred years later in Japan, a boy takes an adventure to search for the immortal genes.

Author: Ryu Murakami
Born in Sasebo Nagasaki Prefecture, 1952. In 1976, his debut work "Almost Transparent Blue" was awarded with "Gunzou New Literary Award" and "Akutagawa Prize" as a college student at Musashino Art University. Major works include "Coin Locker Babies", "Ai to Genzou no Fascism", "Topaz", "The World in Five Minutes From Now", and "Hanto Wo Deyo". In 2004, "13 Year Old Hello Work" became a million seller. He also has various talents as editor of "JMM" magazine (http://ryumurakami.jmm.co.jp) and video director of "Ryu’s Video Report".

You can find A Singing Whale in the App Store now, priced at $12.99.

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