A Thoughtful Take On RSS: Unread for iPad

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Unread for iPad

There’s a new RSS app in town, and it’s called Unread. I haven’t had hands-on time with the recently released iPad version, but from the reviews I’ve read thus far, it does sound like a blown-up version of the iPhone app (which isn’t really a bad thing in this case).

I did use the iPhone version of Unread for a while, and my favourite things in the app were:

  • support for any RSS service I could possibly use (FeedWrangler, Feedbin, Feedly, Fever, NewsBlur)
  • a clean spacious layout with generous headlines
  • large swipe areas (no need to swipe from the very left side of the screen)
  • a fun gesture-based UI
  • a built-in web browser that remembers its history across launches (e.g. you can go back to pages you visited within Unread, even if that was a few days ago)

I ultimately stopped using Unread because I found that there were a few too many steps in sharing something to Instapaper and other services, so I prefer to stick with Reeder across my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. However, if you tend to do a lot of your reading within your RSS reader, you’ll want to check out Unread, because it offers one of the best in-app reading experiences around. It’s also one of the few RSS apps I’ve seen that really does try to take a different angle on feed reading, and I’d snap it up for $5 if I wasn’t already very happy with Reeder.


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