A Very Bad Start for an iPad App

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PressReader for iPad

Hmmm … so that’s not what you want to see when you first launch a new iPad app – a portrait screen while the iPad is currently in landscape mode.  And not at all what you’d expect from an app – like PressReader here – whose publishers sent out a big, bold email campaign shouting about how their excellent app is now available for the iPad.

I thought perhaps just the load screen had its knickers in a bit of a twist – but no, I’ve tried moving all round the app and it has no clue what landscape mode is. 

So … PressReader team – nice job on the promotional side, not so much on the execution front.  Did you guys not watch Steve’s demo of the iPad?  All those bits where you turn it whatever way you want and it rotates and such?  This is the first iPad app I’ve seen that misses the boat on screen rotation.

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8 thoughts on “A Very Bad Start for an iPad App”

      1. Sorry about that, I just had a bad start with my iPad. And then I had some issues with virtually all the iPhone apps on the iPad.

        My biggest problem was the Dropbox app, which would not work correctly on my iPad. I couldn't view PDF files and it was an overall disaster. I was just getting ready to write about how disappointing the Dropbox app was on the iPad and then Dropbox came out with an new version that works differently on the iPad. In short, now it's great.

        The iPhone Only apps are pretty much worthless to me on the iPad. Of the ~150 apps I have on my iPhone, I kept only 3 my iPad.

        I'm hoping the developers turn their attention to creating iPad apps, or apps that work on both the iPad and iPhone.

        1. Oh, no need for sorries at all. I can understand the frustration. And I absolutely agree on the iPhone apps not being up to much on the iPad. I have weeded out nearly all of those as well.

  1. There are a couple of apps like that. We Rule is one of them – and worse for me, the landscape mode is one-sided. (Meaning that is only does ONE landscape mode, it won't reverse itself if you turn the device) The challenge for me, is that it's orientation is the opposite orientation for a folio case being used as a stand.

    I'm wondering if most people have a general preference, either mostly portrait or mostly landscape. I find myself being more oriented to mostly landscape, and so sought out cases that will serve as a stand in that orientation. There are also cases that are more specific to serving as a stand in portrait mode, and while they will usually be able to serve in a pinch as the opposite, they are geared toward one or the other.

    I'm hoping to see a lot of improvement in a lot of apps for the iPad coming soon!

    1. Good points. I'd forgotten about We Rule – though I have to say I find it much more acceptable in a game. There are many games on the iPhone that are landscape only, and for games that pretty much makes sense to me – but on a reading sort of app I can't see any sense in it.
      As for general preferences, I find myself liking both orientations at different times of day or night, and depending on the type of app being used.

  2. It is a pity this is the only post about PressReader at this blog. The app is working perfectly today if you want to read papers from all over the world in the printed version.

  3. I like Pressreader very much, so I’m surprised by this post. I’ve been using it for a month and I did not have that issue. The app is convenient and it’s giving me news from all over the world, and it’s categorized very well, and I can download the issues and then read it later when I don’t have wifi. Give it a chance please~

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