Adobe Demos Ideas for Photoshop for iPad

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You can’t download Photoshop for your iPad yet, but the technology is getting close enough for Adobe Systems to begin showing what it’s got in mind.

CNET has a great post up that details recent demos given by Adobe, showing how their thinking is going on Photoshop for mobile devices – some specific to the iPad.

Mockups of iPad apps from Adobe included one of a companion app being used as a ‘palette’ for color selection and linked to Photoshop on a PC over a WiFi network. Even more exciting is the mockup shown above – which not only shows a good range of tools available, but also is said to be a ‘direct editing extension’ on the iPad. 

In one example, a person could paint–with multitouch fingerpaints–directly on the image, with changes being reflected on the computer screen. Multitouch also could be useful for distorting an image–in the mock-ups, expanding a model’s nose to an unflattering bulbous shape.

Photoshop is a flagship application for Adobe and an absolute essential for many designers and artists. It will surely be a huge hit on the iPad whenever either or both of the demoed apps make their way to the App Store.

For lots more detail on this, see CNET’s post here:

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  1. I don't know if it's a smart business move to develop for a platform trying to kill your stranglehold on interactive online media, but it's definitely worth some brownie points when you do it for free.

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