Analytics Tiles iPad App Is Back, But …

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Analytics Tiles App

First the very good news: the excellent Analytics Tiles App for iPad is back in the App Store. As some of you are well aware of, it mysteriously vanished from the App Store about a month ago.

As of this week, it’s back in all its tile-driven glory – ready to serve up Google Analytics stats with the prettiest UI by far for any app of this kind.

Now the not so great news: there has been very little explanation from the developers of what happened to cause the app to suddenly stop working and then be fully removed from the App Store. Only minimal updates saying they were ‘aware of the issue with the app and working on a fix’.

As of today, this is what the Support page for the app looks like:

Analytics Tiles App Support

A very sparse page, lacking even a Contact link for user questions or issues. Especially given that one of the update items indicates a security issue with the app:

Fixed a bug that could allow someone with a unique network position to capture data in protected sessions

The expected best practice with security issues is disclosure and transparency. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of that going on here.

The company website has a contact form, but it also minimal to put it mildly. It is just two pages with a bare bones single paragraph on the home page and nothing but the contact form on the second page.

That’s a little worrisome.

I love the Analytics Tiles App; it’s been a favorite and a resident on my first home screen from the first day I tried it right through today (with only it’s notable recent disappearance). I included it in our list of the Best iPad Apps of 2013.  So I hope the developers will share some more information on what happened with the app, how any issues have been addressed, and perhaps give us some reasons to put aside any doubts about the app’s stability and future development.

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