Another Google+ App Update, No iPad Love – It’s Like They’re Taunting Us Now

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Tell me if this sounds familiar: the Google+ iOS app just got a new update, no sign of or even a mention of an iPad version. It should – because there have been numerous updates for the iPhone-only app but not the slightest hint of any iPad support.

Here’s the details for the latest daftly-numbered and feature-packed update:

What’s New in Version

– Hashtag support in posts
– Bugfixes and performance improvements

It almost feels like Google is just messing with iPad users now. I won’t be surprised to see future updates for Blackberry PlayBook support, connections to Google Buzz and Google Wave, image saving to floppy drives, and automatic translations of posts into ancient Greek – all far more important features than iPad support.

Once again, I have to think this is far more of a loss for Google+ than for the iPad – but now it just amuses me.

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