Another Things Update, Still No OTA Sync

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Things – the excellent task manager app for iOS – got another update last week, to version 1.7.2. The update added the ability to create repeating tasks on the iPad or iPhone, and not much else.

Here’s the key thing this latest update did not add – over-the-air (OTA) sync – which continues to be the one huge missing feature in an otherwise stellar app. In my view, this is a long overdue feature by now. Things has been in the iOS App Store since 2008. The iPad version of the app has been around since April of 2010. The iPad and Mac versions of Things are priced at relatively premium levels, at $19.99 and $49.99 respectively. Many other top productivity apps have offered OTA sync for a long while now, and many have recently added cloud sync via Dropbox and similar cloud services.

It is way past time for Things to offer OTA sync. Right now, as soon as you step away from your local WiFi network, Things sync ceases to work. So if you’re out and about and remember a critical task you need to jot down, Things is pretty much no use to you. Worse still, Things’ WiFi sync is getting worse and worse. I find more and more often lately it gets stuck and fails to complete even when my iPad and MacBook Pro are within 15 feet of each other on the same WiFi network.

Things has been my favorite and everyday tasks app – on the Mac and iOS devices – for years now, and I hate thinking of switching away from it. But I am fed up with waiting on OTA sync and I now look carefully and longingly at every new tasks app I see hit the App Store. I am also seriously looking at other existing apps for this purpose.

Of course I’m just one user – but it seems to me that if someone who has been a huge fan of the app is feeling ready to switch away from it, that’s not a good omen.

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5 thoughts on “Another Things Update, Still No OTA Sync”

  1. Exactly! I still haven’t been able to bring myself to paying $20(!) for the iPad app since I still feel like I’ve been suckered. I’ve already pumped $60 into Things and have been hearing about OTA sync now for YEARS. Now, they talk about possibly charging a monthly fee for the sync service (source: their Twitter account)! You’ve got to be kidding! I don’t care how “revolutionary” their OTA solution is, if they expect more $ monthly from me I’ll just cut my losses and find another solution (which since 2008, there are many…)

  2. I believe your wording that Things being completely useless when out and needing to jot down a task is misleading. The app does not stop working if it is not on a network.
    You can still jot down a task, it just will not be in sync. Although things update about sync today was a complete joke anyways as well. Just makes me happier that I switched to Omnifocus.

    1. Well, that’s true – but I find it very near useless in day-to-day use, because often when I think of something while out and about (or even late at night, away from a desktop PC) it’s something fairly urgent. I don’t want to have to remember to sync when I’m back within the local network, so I usually end up emailing myself the task.

  3. I agree. I love THINGS but look each day for another task manager and the deciding factor is syncing with soon as I find one, even with less features that does sync with dropbox, I am gone.

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