AOL’s New Editions Magazine Failing to Download New Edition

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Oops. Looks like Editions by AOL is having some major issues. The new iPad-only magazine app downloads a new edition each day at the time you configure in settings. For its first three days that went fine. Today it is failing to download a new edition and getting stuck on the ‘We’re building your Edition’ screen.

I let mine sit there for over 5 minutes, switched away from and quit the app, and even uninstalled and reinstalled it – and it still doesn’t get anywhere.

I think this is quite a promising app – but this failure doesn’t bode well – hopefully there will be a quick update to fix this.

Update: Good news. The Editions team is aware of the issue and it looks like it is already resolved or very soon will be. Here’s there tweet to me on this:


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2 thoughts on “AOL’s New Editions Magazine Failing to Download New Edition”

  1. Hi Patrick, my name is Sol and I’m the lead on the Editions project for AOL. We had an outage this morning that created havoc on our system. We’re getting everything back up now. Sorry to inconvenience you and your readers.

    1. Hi Sol. Thanks for taking time to comment here. I saw a Twitter message from you guys as well. The edition download now works for me and I have updated the post as well.

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