AOL’s New iPad App: Back to the Future?

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AOL Mail New Video

AOL released a new iPad app yesterday – it’s catchy title is AOL: Mail, News, Weather & Video. The App Store description promises that ‘AOL puts the online world at your fingertips’. Here’s a bit more of its App Store description:

Stay in the know with access to up-to-the-minute news, top videos and impactful stories from the editors of Plus, gain quick and easy access to your AOL Mail inbox, now optimized for iPad.
• Discover the latest stories and videos in an engaging news stream format
• Connect and share via AOL Mail, Facebook and Twitter
• Choose the news categories that matter most to you by customizing your stream
• Save articles and videos to read, watch and share at your leisure
• Delight in the featured news stream as it reflects your personal news interests over time

I feel a little like Marty McFly when I read that – back in the days when AOL brought us the interenet with the help of dial-up modems. It doesn’t help that the app’s title leads with the word Mail and features email from AOL. Usually when I hear AOL Mail mentioned it’s as part of a joke, never a selling point for anything.

I installed the app this morning, just out of pure curiosity, and spent a short while with it. I don’t see anything unique or particularly interesting or well executed about it. And AOL Mail as a lead feature – well, fodder for future AOL jokes I guess.

Anyone else tried this new AOL iPad app yet? Am I missing the boat on it?

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