App Store Rewind 2011 – Apple’s Picks for Best iPad Apps and Games of the Year

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App Store Rewind 2011 is Apple’s choices for the best iPad (and iPhone) apps and games of the year. It’s now a featured section in the App Store. The new section includes their picks for Best iPad App and Game of the Year, and a list of their favorites in all 21 App Store categories.

Here are some highlights and quick thoughts on their choices:

Snapseed is the iPad App of the Year. Apple says of it: This astonishing standout’s intuitive interface lets us pinch, mold, and shape effects to make jaw-droppingly gorgeous photos.

Dead Space for iPad is the iPad Game of the Year. Here’s why it was chosen: Our favorite game is also the most terrifying. Fight for survival on an eerie space station overrun by demented monstrosities in this stunning iOS-exclusive that plays and looks like a full-blown console title.

In the Books category, winners include The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (a huge favorite of mine) and The Waste Land are among the picks.

In Games, Scribblenauts Remix, which Beth just reviewed last month, is one of the choices.

In the News category, the excellent Instacast HD, which I’ll post a review on this weekend, is among the winners.

In the Newsstand category, Project magazine and The Daily are among the picks. I think those are two terrible picks, especially The Daily in its current state. The app does not download issues in the background as it is supposed to and STILL takes forever and a day to download each day’s issue.

Have you taken a look at the App Store Rewind yet? If so, what do you think of the picks? What are some that you agree with, and what are some they missed?

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