Apple Releases Podcasts App for iPad and iOS

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Podcasts App

Apple has released a shiny new iPad (and iOS) app called Podcasts today. It’s available now in the App Store as a free app and a universal app designed to run on the iPad and iPhone.

This is the much-rumored app that is focused entirely on podcasts – which have always seemed to have such little focus within the iTunes app on both iOS and the desktop. So this is great news for podcasters and for fans of podcasts.


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I only installed the app a little earlier today and have spent only a short time with it, but it looks promising so far. I’m a big fan of podcasts – so I’m happy to see this dedicated app and look forward to getting to know it and of course sharing thoughts on it here once I do.

Have any of you tried out Podcasts on the iPad yet? If so, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Apple Releases Podcasts App for iPad and iOS”

  1. Have given it a spin out already and was keen for it to work well. However, in comparison to Downcast it doesn’t stand up too well, with far refer global settings or granular settings available (for eg, no apparent controls on deleting listened-to podcasts).
    Undoubtedly a step in the right direction and an improvement on using the Music / iTunes apps and it is only v1.
    At this stage not competition for the likes of Downcast or Instacast but should be good news for those app developers as if anything it may encourage iphone iPad users to get more into podcasts using the new app and then look for better independent apps once they’ve tired of the fairly limited options.
    P.S. Try downcast!

    1. Have heard a few people say good things about Downcast – installed it a little earlier today. Will try it out soon.

  2. So far it’s hit or miss for me. I like the navigation of it, but it’s locked up on me two different times.

  3. It has a long way to beat INSTACAST, but most troubling was The Apple Podcasts app having an apparent lack of AirPlay support.

  4. Tried this for a while, it was always very slow when starting the app and would occasionally lock up. Tried Downcast and love it.

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