Apple’s iPad Apps Updated – Support for Retina Display & More

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Apple iPad App Updates

A number of Apple’s own iPad apps were updated yesterday – including the iWork suite apps, Keynote, Numbers and Pages, Find My Friends, iMovie, and iTunes U.

Support for the new retina quality display in the new iPad has been added to all, and many of them have had significant new features added as well.

I updated and took a look at Keynote last night and it looks great. I’ll share more on that soon, but suffice to say it’s a big update with some very slick new features. 3D charts are just one of the impressive new features, and they’ve been added to all three of the iWork apps.

The updates for iMovie and GarageBand also look like major ones.

Have you all been updated any / all of these apps on your iPad yet? If so, please share your thoughts on them in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Apple’s iPad Apps Updated – Support for Retina Display & More”

  1. The New 3D Charts:

    Good Thing… They can be Animated..

    Bad Thing…you cannot add Individual Colors. Kills every corporate Identity.. Why can’t they make One Thing work like ist Should… Apple sux ^^

    1. Here’s a thought: perhaps corporate identity doesn’t live or die by colors within 3D charts. Maybe you add a logo to the bottom of each slide, or use corporate colors for title areas of each slide or any number or use any number of other methods.

  2. The size of Key Note went up by, it seems like over 100 MB. I haven’t looked at the new features, but I hope it is worth it. I don’t know how much of that update is the retina displays part (if any) but 400 MB of my 16 GB iPad is quite a bit.

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