Apps for the Great Outdoors: Featured in the iPad App Store this Week

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iPad Apps for the Great Outdoors

One of this week’s highlighted app collections in the iPad App Store is ‘Apps for the Great Outdoors’. In fact, it’s a carryover from last week and it’s quite an impressive collection.

There are over 70 apps included in the collection, divided amongst these sections: Places, Plants, Wildlife, The Sky Above, The Earth Below, and More Outdoor Apps.

In the collection you’ll find everything from travel apps to specialist maps and guides to the solar system. I noticed a number of favorite apps that my family and I enjoy on the iPad – Wonders of the Universe, Solar Walk, and LIFE Wonders of the World just to name a few – and also found plenty of other enticing apps I’d not spotted before. I ended up installing four new apps just while browsing through the collection and thinking about writing this post.

You can find the Apps for the Great Outdoors collection in the rotating top area of the iPad App Store’s Featured section.

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