Art Authority for iPad Updated with Retina Support

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Art Authority for iPad

Art Authority for iPad, the wonderful virtual art museum app for the iPad, has been updated this week – to Version 4.6.2.

The headline feature for this update is support for the new iPad’s retina display – and this is one of the iPad apps that’s best suited to benefit hugely from the retina quality display.

Here’s the full change list for this update:

– Upgraded for new iPad’s retina display: ultra high-resolution rooms, higher-res works (on all devices), enhanced frames, plaques, etc. View works as clearly as in a museum.
– Highlights buttons in all rooms
– What’s New? button to keep up to date
– View works similar to the one you’re looking at through “Art Like This”
– Tweet any work (iOS 5)


Just in case you haven’t heard of the Art Authority app, here are just some of its notable features:

– Access to 10GB worth of art optimized for quality and download speed through our servers (works still under copyright come from authorized servers)
– Early, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern, Contemporary and American rooms
– Dozens of artists per room, listed by movement or nationality
– Period overviews, timelines and histories
– A searchable index of all 1000+ artists, as well as for each room
– Searchable indexes of major titles, subjects and locations
– Art Like This: view works similar to the one you’re looking at
– Art Near Me: search for art based on your location
– Continuous shuffle through all art or by period
– Captions with work title, date, location and other details

I did a review of Art Authority for iPad back in 2010 and said this about it at the time:

This is a true flagship app for the iPad.  One that should provide many hours of rich enjoyment, as well as a wow factor for any of your friends who want to see examples of outstanding iPad apps.  If you have kids who have any interest in art, it is a superb educational tool as well.

It remains one of my favorite iPad apps and was one of our selections for our list of Best iPad Apps of 2011.

Here’s an App Store link for Art Authority for iPad; it’s priced at $9.99.

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