Awesome Little Features: Touch Preview in Spotify for iPad

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I like Quick Look on OS X a lot. All you have to do is select something in Finder (the file browser), tap the space bar, and a small window opens up to show you a preview of the file. Text and .doc files show with some formatting, images get larger, and songs will start to play. Quick look is awesome.

Spotify has recently adapted this kind of thinking and brought their own version of quick look, called Touch Preview, to their music app. If you’re curious about an artist, you can tap and hold on their name to activate the preview. The entire interface takes on a soft blur effect, and thumbnails for different songs will pop up. Holding your finger down on a thumbnail will start playback almost immediately, and sliding your finger along the screen switches between songs. It’s a very pleasant and intuitive music browsing experience that works on albums, artists, playlists, and even single songs.

I’m really surprised by how well Touch Preview works. I’m not in love with Spotify’s UI as a whole — it can be a little unintuitive when it comes to social integration and notifications — but this is a really brilliant feature. It’s practical, works without cluttering up the UI, and it’s genuinely fun to use. Kudos!

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