Blogsy – Blogging App for iPad – Hits the App Store

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Blogsy blogging app for iPad

Blogsy is a very promising new blog editor app for the iPad, that has just hit the App Store last night. I have been lamenting the lack of a great – or even good – blogging app for the iPad for ages now. And I’m happy to say I think Blogsy may just be that app.

It’s not great yet, but it is certainly good – and that makes it better than any other blogging app for iPad and iOS right away. The three ‘leading’ iOS blogging apps before Blogsy are all far from good or even decent in my view.

I was fortunate enough to be on the early beta testing team for Blogsy, and I like the app a lot. I also just love the fact that somebody has finally set out to create a truly great blogging app for the iPad, as I believe Blogsy’s developers have.

Here is more detail on the app, via its App Store page:

Blogsy is a tool designed specifically to take full advantage of the iPad’s unique touch functionality. Adding your photos and videos is as easy as dragging them from the media sidebar and dropping them into your blog post. This makes writing blog posts as easy as it should be, saving you from the hassle of manually copy/pasting embed codes or links.
Simply put, we think that Blogsy makes writing so easy that you will use it instead of your computer.

*** NOTE: Version 1 of Blogsy does not have uploading capabilities. Because of this, we’ve set the introductory price at just $2.99. Our next release will come with full uploading support, and with that we’ll bring our price back up. So act fast!

Main Features:
– Easily drag and drop images from Flickr, Picasa and Google Image Search, or using the built-in Web browser (yes, easily drag and drop images from any website!) Drag and drop videos from YouTube. (Either using the new iFrame or the old flash embed method with colors, borders and related videos.)
– Found a good article? Drag and drop it’s URL to instantly create a hyperlink in your blog post.. No coding required!
– Style your blog posts with the tap of a button – bold, italics, text alignment and more.
– Full support for multiple accounts/blogs for all supported services.
– Easily change image and video properties and alignment through menus.
– Write and edit HTML. Though using Blogsy’s ‘Rich Side’, you’ll probably never want to; everything from bolding text to creating links to image alignment can be done with the tap of a finger.
– Set or create lables/tags and categories, toggle comments on and off, and set visibility.
– Create scheduled posts, online drafts, and pending-review posts.
– Support for local drafts.
– Edit or delete online posts.

– WordPress ( as-well as self-hosted WordPress accounts)
– Blogger
– Flickr
– Picassa
– YouTube

The big (BIG!) missing piece in Blogsy right now is the ability to upload images to your own site. You currently have to go via Flickr, Picasa and other sharing sites. The developers are well aware of this and working hard on getting the feature added very soon. For me, Blogsy has come straight out of the gate doing more and showing far more ambition than any other blogging app in the App Store. When the image uploading feature is added this will be a very formidable app in its area.

I’ll save a full review for when that feature is added – but I think the app is already well worth it’s introductory $2.99 pricetag, in part because it’s already a very nice app, and also just because finally, finally somebody is bringing us a real, worthwhile blogging app for the iPad.

I’ve happily paid for the app, and it has a place on my dock (as it has ever since I started using the beta)

Here’s an App Store link for Blogsy; it’s priced at $2.99.

Patrick Jordan

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12 thoughts on “Blogsy – Blogging App for iPad – Hits the App Store”

  1. Thanks for the update Patrick, I have been waiting for this since your first post on Blogsy. The fact that there is no image uploading disappoints me though. Why release it BEFORE this feature is available. There was no rush. No one has a decent app out there, anyway.

    I will buy the app simply based on your review and my need for such an app and HOPE that they will follow though with this feature sooner rather than later.

    To me it would have made so much more sense to have released the FINAL version and garner great reviews from the get-go, not “well…, it will be good” reviews.

    1. My pleasure on the update. I hope – and expect – that they will get this feature added soon.

  2. After some experimenting, what you say in your review is not quite correct. Image uploading IS possible from service sites such as Flickr, what you cannot do is upload images directly from your iPad, which in reality, to my knowledge very few apps do currently. It is very usable this way, so your review is somewhat misleading. I suggest a correction because this App is kick-ass compared to its counterparts.

    1. I’ve added a few words to clarify what feature is missing, in terms of uploading – stating that it cannot upload directly to your site, but has to go via Flickr and other sharing sites. I don’t feel as if my wording was very misleading on this though, given that the app’s own App Store description says “Version 1 of Blogsy does not have uploading capabilities”.

  3. About time someone released a decent blogging app. But, I do wish there were screen captures of the app in the app store…

  4. Hi all,
    I’m Lance, one of the guys behind Blogsy.

    Thanks Patrick for the review. I find it to be fair and informative.

    @Duckfeet (great name as I went to the UofO) Thanks for the positive feedback once you figured out how it works. Yes, we are in the middle of working on uploading from your device to you WordPress media library. It is the first thing we are adding. And several people mentioned that they were confused by the iTunes description where we say it lacked uploading. I will change the wording as soon as I can. Thanks.

    @Ivan We don’t know why the screenshots aren’t showing up. We uploaded them so they should be there. We are looking into the issue now. Hopefully it will be solved soon. Thanks.

  5. Just did my first post from the app. Here’s a couple feedback points:

    Not being able to write on the “rich” side was incredibly confusing at first. I honestly thought it was a bug and that they keyboard just wasn’t coming up. I thought of the write side as the “code” side and the rich side as the I just want to write and drop in an image.

    Not having image uploading sucks. What also sucks is if you drag in an image, then press and hold on it… It will disappear. I expected to have to press & hold on the image I dragged in to have it pop up the context menu / image options. Instead it just made the image go away.

    Finally – the paragraph tags disappear from the write side when you switch back and forth from the rich side. Not sure why.

    All in all it was a good experience. Definitely one of the better experiences thus afar once you figure out the quirks.

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