Blogsy for iPad Updated – Retina Support & Much More

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Blogsy iPad App

Blogsy, the blogging app for the iPad, has been updated this week – to Version 3.4.

This is a big, major update for this already stellar app. First up on the list of notable new features is retina display support. The range of supported platforms continues to grow too – with this update adding Tumblr (for all post types) and Vimeo support – so you can now drag and drop Vimeo videos into a post.

Support for setting a featured image on a self-hosted WordPress blog post, setting and editing custom fields on WordPress blog posts, keeping local drafts, and making WordPress blog posts ‘sticky’ has also been added. And I’ve mentioned less than half the new features in this latest update – just a few that caught my eye the most.

Blogsy has been a long-awaited good blogging app for the iPad since the first day it hit the App Store. The developers have issued frequent and substantial updates for it and it is now by far and away the best blogging app for the iPad. I was impressed with this app from Day 1 – color me an even bigger fan now.

Oh, and of course this post was written and published in Blogsy.

Here’s an App Store link for Blogsy; it’s priced at $4.99.

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