Buzzword Bingo HD – Conceptualized Well To Leverage the iPad and Engage Users

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Buzzword Bingo HD is an important app to be aware of if you work in a large corporation, or a small company, or just about anywhere that requires you to attend meetings that feature joker management types who love nothing better than spewing out a load of utter bollocks business buzzwords and jargon every chance they get. It may not be a lifesaver, but it could prove to be a sanity-saver when you’re in one of those meetings and a jargon-master manager is rabbiting on.

Here’s a little slice of the App Store description for the app:

… a free iPad game that mocks those who believe authentic interactions start with empty words.

Challenge friends and co-workers during conferences and meetings to see who’ll be the first with five corporate buzzwords in a row as you listen to the droning voices of your superiors. We all know "synergy" will be mentioned at least once.

And here’s my favorite part of the PR approach mail I received for the app:

It was designed with the intent of ending the workplace buzzword epidemic by turning meetings into an (are you ready?) interactive, social game experience that allocates crucial attention toward inauthentic ad speak.

Good stuff.

I like that you can play this over Bluetooth so a good group can get a lot more out of buzzword-tastic meetings.

As nice as the idea for the app is, I have to say the word list is quite short at the moment. You can add words to the list, so hopefully this will grow very soon via user additions and app updates.

I don’t work in an office environment anymore (and my only office colleagues, a dog and a cat, know very few buzzwords), but I’ve worked in creative agencies and even some very large IT department at big corporates where we were often buzzword battered at nearly every meeting. At one place we used to track how well a certain manager did as compared to an online Top 10 site for this stuff.

If you’ve got a meeting to rush off to, where you may need to flesh out scalable strategies for a creative new brand you’re conceptualizing, you’ll be happy to know Buzzword Bingo HD is available now in the App Store, and it’s a free app. Oh – and it’s in the Productivity section. Ha.

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