Calcbot = A Beautiful New Calculator App for iPad and iPhone

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Calcbot – the new calculator app from Tapbots – is described as a beautifully designed calculator for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

If ever a calculator app could be described as drop-dead gorgeous then this is the one.  It almost makes you want to like math. :)


The app looks superb, and its functionality seems very good too.  It’s full of clever execution – shown in smart features line …

— the live ‘as-you-type expression view’

— advanced functions called up with just a swipe to the left on its keypad

— a history tape that can be emailed to yourself or others

— a backspace / delete button that uses a press and hold action to clear all

You can find Calcbot in the App Store now, currently selling at just $0.99.  You can also visit the Macheist site today and get a free app called Socialite if you help to spread the word about Calcbot on Facebook – check out that offer here:

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