Can a 10 Year Old Girl Manage Barcelona? Yes, on the iPad

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Football Manager Handheld for iPad

My post title should really ask ‘Can a 10 Year Old Girl Do a Good Job of Managing Barcelona?’. And the answer, at least in my household, is an emphatic Yes.

This is Reason Number 343 that my daughter is the most amazing kiddo on the planet: she loves the Football Manager Handheld 2013 game on the iPad. She used to be content with watching me play the game. She’d ask 101 questions – about team and city names, about players, rules, what this meant on this game screen and what that meant on that game screen.

She didn’t think her dad was too crazy for spending huge chunks of time with the game, or at least she was nice enough not to say anything about that. Then one fine day recently she asked about getting the game installed on her iPad mini. How could I say no?

Playing on her own lead to lots more questions – about which team to play as (might as well start with one of the greatest clubs in the world), about formations, about which players should fill in for which injured stars, about which players to buy and sell, and lots more.

Spurs Win Champions League


So my girl now manages Barcelona. She does it quite well too. She’s winning a lot and getting to know a lot about tactics and getting the best team together and all the aspects of the game. And it’s big fun for me to see her getting so much enjoyment out of this game and this type of game that I’ve spent so much time (SO, so much time) playing over the years.

She’s not a big fan of The Beautiful Game outside of the iPad just yet, but I honestly think that the game (and a little gentle persuasion from a certain family member) may get her there soon.

Oh, you might be wondering why the screencaps here feature Tottenham Hotspur rather than Barcelona. Well, my daughter’s bedtime is a little earlier than mine – so she hasn’t completed as much time in charge at Barza as I have at Spurs. And also – I’m pretty pleased with Spurs winning the Premier League, the Champions League, the Euro Cup, and two European Super Cups in my first two seasons in charge. :)

If you love football management games and you own an iPad, or your kids do, then you need to try out Football Manager Handheld 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Can a 10 Year Old Girl Manage Barcelona? Yes, on the iPad”

  1. The really really sad thing is that I have (as yet) failed to persuade my daughter to play my games ;)

    (that being said she’s signed up for a soccer course at University next semester …. so there is hope yet :D)

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