Champ Man for iPad: New Mobile Version of Championship Manager

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Champ Man for iPad

Champ Man is the new iPad / iOS / mobile version of the venerable football management game, Championship Manager. It’s a bit of a goofy name, but in my book it’s always good to see more options for managing football clubs on my iPad.

Here’s its App Store intro:

**New International Mode. Manage one of 60 Nations and win the International Cup **
** Updated with the new Facebook features & includes transfers from the latest transfer window! **
Designed in classic Championship Manager style, Champ Man gives you the opportunity to manage any one of 434 real clubs from 23 leagues across the world in a realistic season-by-season football management challenge.
With tens of thousands of real players to sign for your club and the ability to boost their attributes, undertake training, and bring in greater transfer revenue, Champ Man reflects all the emotions, tension and glory of being a real football manager. Choose your tactics, give team based instructions, select specific roles for your key players, and watch the drama unfold in realistic, fast matches specifically designed to enhance mobile play.
Game features:
– Fully up-to-date team/player/competition data for football season 2013/14
– 23 playable leagues in 13 countries across Europe, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Turkey & more!
– Over 430 playable clubs
– Worldwide database of real players
– Frequent updates throughout the footballing season

I only just found out this app was available for the iPad, and of course got it installed right away. One thing that I just noticed that is worrying is that the app is chock full of In-App purchase options ranging from 99 cents all the way up to $50. I really hope the game is not crippled if you don’t spend tons on those In-App upgrades. If so, my stay with it will be a short one.

In any case, I’m looking forward to trying this one out.

Here’s an App Store link for Champ Man for iPad and iPhone, for any of you who are fans of football manager games.

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