Champions League Final – Why Is There No (decent) App for That?

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The UEFA Champions League Final is this Saturday, May 28. It’s a fantastic matchup of two of the biggest, most successful, and most famous clubs in the world – Barcelona vs. Manchester United.

This is normally where I would be adding ‘and there’s a great app to help you enjoy this great occasion’ – but sadly that’s not the case today. Because there is no great, or even good, app to fit the bill. No official UEFA Champions League app at all. What a huge and stupid miss on the part of UEFA. The French Open has an official app. Wimbledon and The Masters have excellent official apps. Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and many other sports and leagues have very good iPhone and iOS apps.

The closest thing to an official Champions League app is the very lame looking Mobile app, which covers all of the UEFA competitions, badly by the looks of it. It charges $9.99 for a season’s worth of two-minute highlight clips, as an In-App purchase – and offers no live match video at all.

The Champions League pits many of the world’s best club teams against each other, and it’s always a thrilling competition – especially in its latter stages. It is amazing to me that UEFA hasn’t got an official, dedicated app for it. What a lost opportunity for them.

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