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amazing productivity apps

Apple is currently featuring a sale on Amazing Productivity App, which you can find on the front page of the App Store. To be honest, I normally ignore most of these weekly or monthly sales, but this one has so many good deals that I couldn’t help but jump on a few intriguing new apps. I picked up:

  • Prizmo — I hadn’t heard of this app before, but I was curious about how well it could do Optical Character Recognition (OCR); a few quick tests on game manuals seem to prove its worth, but I’ll have to check out Scanbot’s new Pro features (which feature OCR) before I decide on an OCR app.
  • Grafio — I’ve been asked to do a few workflow charts at work, and Grafio seems like the easiest way to accomplish this. Drawing shapes is easy, linking shapes is easy, and I can even re-order everything on the page and still have arrows pointing to all the right places.
  • Gneo — I haven’t actually had time to try this out yet, but since I’m currently doing my task management within Evernote, I decided to pick Gneo up, just to see if it would help at all. My guess is that this app might be a little too complicated (it seems to create separate notebooks for Evernote tasks), but I’ll report back on it soon.

Of course, these are just the apps I picked up during the sale. I already own Clear, Fantastical 2, Tydlig, Writer Pro, and others. This would be a great time for you to decide to own them too!


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