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Chrome for iPad (and iOS) hit the iPad App Store yesterday. I’m a huge fan of Chrome as a desktop browser. It’s by far the fastest I’ve seen and is my everyday browser on my MacBook Pro. So I was as excited as anyone to see an iPad version hit the App Store.

I’ve been giving Chrome on the iPad a spin and I’m quite impressed so far. It’s got unlimited tabs, incognito tabs for ‘private’ browsing, the Chrome omnibox, voice search right in the omnibox, speed and good performance, sync with your desktop, and more cool features.

I did a quick screencast demo highlighting some of Chrome for iPad’s best features. Give it a look when you have a chance and subscribe to our video channel to keep up with all our latest screencasts.

What do you all think of Chrome for iPad so far?

Here’s an App Store link for Chrome; it’s a free app and a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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11 thoughts on “Chrome for iPad – Screencast Demo”

  1. Unlike you, I’m having problems. I tried and tried to see my other device, but it kept telling me my password was incorrect, even though I was logged in to google on both my computer and my iPad with that password. The only solution I could find, after changing settings and anything else I could think of, is to re-set my password. So I did. And, it still doesn’t work. I’ve restarted both the program and the iPad.

    I’ve also had problems with Chrome not accepting touch commands. It just locks up. This has happened repeatedly. Other programs work just fine.

    I’m like you — I love chrome, but so far this has been a disappointment….

    1. Sorry to hear that Annette. A couple questions for you – very likely things you’ve already thought about, but just in case:

      — Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the Chrome app on the iPad?

      — Do you use a Gmail account to sign in to Chrome?

      1. Yes. I sign in with Gmail, and Chrome says I’m signed in, but when I try to access other devices, it says my password information is out of date, or something like that.

        I tried re-installing. No Luck.

  2. Unfortunately, Chrome for the desktop and Chrome for iOS are very different browsers. Chrome for iOS from what little I understand, acts as a shell over the Mobile Safari engine. In fact, Chrome for iOS can’t use Safari’s JavaScriptCore engine, Nitro! Instead, it has to use the older, slower UIWebView control. This effectively means that Safari is a faster browser than Chrome on the iPad!

  3. I am a huge fan of chrome in my desktop and laptop.. But I wasn’t too excited with it on the iPad.. I couldn’t find any thing special with it and as far the speed is considered I find the safari in the ios5 pretty much up to mark..

  4. I’m finding the ability to access tabs across multiple devices running Chrome to be useful in jumping between a Windows 7 computer, iPad, and Android phone. That’s my main use at the moment as I’m still working more in Safari on the iPad. I haven’t figured out how to add a working bookmarklet for Diigo in Chrome. It’s javascript so I’m guessing the differences in the JavaScript engine might be the issue. I have a Diigo bookmarklet working fine in Safari allowing me to can bookmark and highlight web pages in Safari. I use Diigo for pretty much all my bookmarking so not having that makes Chrome on the iPad less useful than Safari at the moment.

  5. Thanks for a very nice review Patrick. I am definitely enjoying Chrome for iOS.

    How did you record the screencast ? Can you share which app(s) you used?



    1. Sure. I use Air Server on the Mac for the AirPlay Mirroring end of things and Screenflow (also on the Mac) for screen recording.

  6. Thanks Patrick. I have been looking for a solution that works and your screencast looked as good as any I’ve seen. I have Screenflow. I’ll have to give Air Server a try. Thanks again!

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