Chrome for iPad Updated: Adds Conversational Voice Search & More

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Chrome for iPad Voice Search

Google’s Chrome browser app for the iPad and iOS has been updated today, to Version 27. Top billing among new features goes to improved voice search – and more conversational voice search at that.

Here’s the change list for this latest update to Chrome for iPad:

Improved voice search
-Say what you want and get results back without typing
-Faster voice recognition with text streamed on the fly
-Get answers spoken back to you with web results tailored to your questions
Faster page reloading
-Pages reload faster even when the network is slow or unavailable
Stability / security improvements and bug fixes

I’ve installed the update today and given the new and improved voice search a try. I have only managed to get spoken results when asking about the weather so far, but I got all good and speedy results when being ‘conversational’ with it. I hate to sound like a Microsoft ad, but I definitely got a far better result from Chrome when asking about French Open results today than I did from the poor, beleaguered Siri.

Google Now and Google’s voice search in general is a pleasure to use, but as long as we have no ability to set them as the default voice assistant or browser app and have to open the individual apps to use them, they lose a lot of their power.

What do you all think of this Chrome for iPad update?

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