Chrome for iPad Updated: Improved Voice Search & More

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Chrome iPad app

The Chrome browser app for iPad and iOS has been updated again this week. The new version number is, brace yourselves, 29.0.1547.11.

This isn’t a massive update for the app, but it does offer a few nice new enhancements to Chrome for iPad. For starters, there’s this little improvement to search results:

Get back to your Search Results faster
• Do a search and click a result. Not what you wanted? Now when you hit back, your search results will instantly appear, ready for you to choose the next one.

There are also improvements to single sign-on to other Google apps and a new data saving enhancement that works by letting Google’s servers compress pages before downloading them. I’m sure some people will not feel good about allowing that, but it is implemented well, offered as an option you have to opt in to, not out of.

Reduce Data Usage

Last, but not at all least, is a smart new feature for Voice Search in Chrome. This one:

Voice search pronoun support
• Try queries like: “Who is the president of the United States?” followed by “Who is his wife?”
Stability / security improvements and bug fixes

I tried this out a little an it works nicely. One of the queries I did searched first for Floyd Mayweather and then just asked ‘Who’s his next opponent?’.

Google Voice Search

Chrome for iPad continues to improve and continues to be one of the best alternative browser apps for iPad.

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