Citrix GoToManage for iPad – First iPad App for Real-time Remote Support for Computers

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Citrix announced today that they will soon be releasing GoToManage for iPad – a free app that will allow users to do real-time troubleshooting and tech support from the iPad to remote computer systems.

Here’s a little slice of the announcement made today at the Citrix Synergy event:

GoToManage was built to meet the needs of IT managers and consultants without the complexity found in most remote support software offerings.  Its intuitive design makes GoToManage for iPad an application that anyone could use.  Available soon as a free app for the iPad, IT professionals will be able to conduct live end-user support sessions and take control of a user’s PC or Mac as if they were sitting in front of it. 

And a quote from Citrix about why this is such a benefit to IT departments:

The IT professional is typically the last person in a company still chained to a desk, yet ironically is one of the first to adopt new mobile technologies.  We thought it was time to do something about that.  GoToManage for iPad will give our IT customers the freedom to workshift, with the full power of live support, unattended support and chat. It will give everyiPad owner the capability to remotely support someone for free. What’s better than that?

Elizabeth Cholawsky general manager and vice president of IT Service, for the Online Services Division of Citrix.

Customers who pay for the GoToManage and GoToAssist services from Citrix will also have the ability to connect to and control unattended remote systems – critical for after-hours server support and similar tasks.

Citrix are a blue-chip and long-established name in the enterprise and corporate IT arena; so it’s impressive to see them bringing this app to the iPad. Yet another blow to the whole ‘iPad is only for consumers’ theory, and I sure as heck don’t see a mention of a Blackberry PlayBook version coming.

The iPad’s screen size, portability, and instant-on capability should help to make this a real killer app for IT support staff and consultants.

There is no set release date for GoToManage for iPad yet, but you can visit its web page to get an email notice when it is available on the App Store:

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