Clear for iPad: Now With Reminders!

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clear with reminders

Clear is one of those apps that’s so much fun to use that I can’t help but play with it whenever a major update rolls around. Last week brought two new sound packs to the app, but the real meat of the update comes in the form of reminder support. That’s not support for iOS Reminders, mind you, but rather a set of custom push alerts for tasks within Clear. Lots of other apps feature alarms for tasks, but Clear has one of the better and cleaner implementations I’ve used thus far.

Whenever you’re creating or editing a task, a small text button underneath the title offers to help add a reminder. Tapping on that prompt brings up a custom pop-up that shows a great date and time picker. The date picker uses a month view, making it very easy to specify exactly when you would like a reminder. Once you’ve added a few reminders to one of your task lists, you can shake the iPad to re-organize a list by due date. I do find shaking an iPad a little awkward, but it’s handy to have the feature.

It took a while for Clear to get around to them, but the addition of reminders should put the app back on the radar of users who found Clear’s initial feature set too simple. If you rely on your task apps to prompt you to complete things, you’ll probably want to give Clear another look. If you don’t own the app already, it’s just $5 on the App Store.

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