Coming Soon: LetterMpress–a Virtual Letterpress on the iPad

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LetterMpress - vritual letterpress iPad app

LetterMpress is an app that promises to provide a virtual letterpress on the iPad. It’s due to hit the iPad App Store in just a few days, on July 5th. This started off as a Kickstarter project (which I happily made a small contribution to) so it’s great to see that it not only got funded but is moving ahead with its iPad app launch.

The app aims to bring the art and craft of a traditional letterpress – from back in the days when typography was not all handled digitally – to the iPad. Version 1.0 of the app will come with 13 typefaces and 5 art collections.

Here’s a sample of the output of the LetterMpress app:

LetterMpress - vritual letterpress iPad app

The app will also offer several paper colors and textures to work with as well as custom inks in RGB and CMYK – and you’ll be able to email your creations, save them to the photo library, and post them to Facebook.

This first version will include 13 typefaces, 5 art collections, and several paper colors and textures

Look out for LetterMpress in the iPad App Store on July 5th; it will be priced at $5.99.

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