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Flipboard Magazines

I’ve talked about Flipboard magazines before here, but today I thought another mention was in order because the range of magazines is so broad now. This morning I got one of the regular ‘Magazines We Love’ promo emails from Flipboard and this point just hit home for me.

Check out the screenshot above. Three magazines that look promising on the subject of Underwater Photography. Three more that look interesting on Futuristic Hobbies. And of course when you go looking you can find lots more on a huge range of topics.

I thought Flipboard magazines looked like a great idea when they launched early this year and it sure looks like a lot of Flipboard users agree and are making the most of them.

iPad Apps Flipboard magazine

Oh, and if you’re looking for some iPad related Flipboard magazines I’ve created a few – iPad Apps, iPad Art, and iPad Accessories. You can get to all of these from the top nav bar of iPad Insight in Flipboard, or just search for them by name within Flipboard.

Have any of you created any Flipboard magazines? If so, share some of your titles in the comments.

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