Cool Things: Stunning Images from The Guardian Eyewitness App

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The Guardian Eyewitness app

Just a quick entry in the ‘apps that keep on giving’ category.  I wrote a quick look post about a wonderful iPad app called The Guardian Eyewitness just a couple weeks ago.  I hadn’t planned on mentioning the app again so soon – but I just can’t help but share a couple of the spectacular images the app has featured over the last few days.

Above is an amazing sequence of images showing a pilot parachuting to safety as his fighter jet crashes during a practice flight.

The Guardian Eyewitness for iPad

And here is a completely different sort of image that I find almost equally striking – which is described this way within the app:

Daybreak over Faulkland , near Frome in Somerset, the dawn sun creating a near-mystical scene as the mist hangs over lavender fields.

Truly stunning stuff.  The Guardian Eyewitness is a very simple app, but packed full of these amazing images from all ‘round the world.  I’d be hard-pressed to name a better free app.

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