CraigsFish – a Craigslist App for iPad, with a Special Offer for Our Readers

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CraigsFish is a good looking and full-featured Craigslist app for iPad and iOS. Its notable features include:

— Reply to listings directly from within the app

— Post a new listing

— Gets your location via Location Services and lets you search multiple locations at once

— Lets you browse Craigslist with full images intact, bookmark listings, and scan through your history.

— Support for Craiglist neighborhoods

I’m not a heavy Craigslist user, but I’ve given this app a quick look and it seems quite solid and capable. And the developers of the app have got a special offer for readers of iPad Insight. CraigsFish is a free app, but adding the lifetime alerts feature that lets you receive custom Craigslist alerts is a $4.99 In-App purchase. They’ve generously provided 50 promotional codes for our readers to get these alerts for free.

All you have to do to claim one of the free promo codes is visit this page:

The page will display only remaining available codes, so you shouldn’t need to worry about which have already been used.

I hope these will be useful for any of you who are frequent Craigslist users. Thanks to the CraigsFish devs for offering these up for us.

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    1. I know. Very bad timing, it seems their hosting company has issues right now. They’re hoping to be back up soon.

  1. it keeps shutting down every time i click on to your site,do i have to purchase it now?I use it for a lot of my bussiness to buy and sell

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