Crazy App Prices: The Times of London for iPad – $200 a Year, with No Sunday Edition

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The Times of London for iPad

The Times – one of the UK’s leading broadsheet newspapers – has now released an iPad app – called The Times of London.

Continuing the trend for crazy-high prices on iPad / digital editions of mainstream print newspapers and magazines, The Times of London costs $16.99 for each 28 days worth of issues, and does not include The Sunday Times.  So … over $200 a year for 6 days a week of The Times in digital form.

I understand that people may well pay even more if they buy a printed copy of The Times or even for print home delivery subscriptions – but I really don’t think that’s relevant.  Our options for getting the latest news – from a myriad of good sources – are far more numerous in the digital realm then they are in print. 

I think that it’s also a terrible move to force you to buy 28 days at a time.  Why not make it a free app with in-app purchases of each issue?  And a discount for buying a whole month at a time or more?  I would’ve thought that would be more enticing for most potential iPad readers.  That would parallel the everyday commuter grabbing a paper at a newsstand experience – pick up a copy on the days that you feel like it, and if you enjoy it enough grab some form of discounted subscription.  Forcing you to cough up $17 straight away just seems dumb.

I’ll likely be proven wrong and we’ll soon see that 70 million people downloaded the app in 7 minutes or something – but I just don’t understand who has $200 to throw into reading just one newspaper for a year on the iPad – where we have so many rich sources of information.

Here is more detail on the app from its App Store description page:

The Times iPad Application offers specially designed Monday to Saturday editions of The Times. Please note The Sunday Times is not included, but can currently be accessed by registering at

The Times application combines the best of our journalism with all the interactivity of the iPad, including enhanced graphics, photography and exclusive video.

Quickly find incisive news, analysis and features, with coverage from Britain’s most experienced political reporters, foreign correspondents spanning the globe, award-winning columnists and sports writers. For a taste of what we deliver watch our demo video here:

Download The Times iPad app now to get your first 28 day subscription. Additional access is available to buy at the same price each 28 day period thereafter through the iTunes store.

Despite feeling that the $17 per month cost is crazy, I’ll probably cough up for one month, just to see what you get for that price and report back to you all on what I think.  I’m keen to keep up with how leading newspaper and magazine publishers are going to bring their content to the iPad.

You can find The Times of London in the App Store now, priced at $16.99 per each 28 days worth of Monday-Saturday editions.

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9 thoughts on “Crazy App Prices: The Times of London for iPad – $200 a Year, with No Sunday Edition”

  1. The Le Monde app is very nice – 15 euros per month though. However, you can purchase individual days for 0.79 cents. It's already really quite beautiful. I'm anticipating what the NYTimes will do on this front – would gladly pay $15/month if it had the Sunday edition…

    1. So the $0.79 per issue is instead or in addition to the 15 euros/month? It will definitely be interesting to see what the NYT does.

  2. From a Paste Magazine Newsletter Thursday June 3rd – I feel all magazines should offer iPad apps free to subscribers.
    "We've also had quite a few of you ask about iPhone and iPad apps. We have several apps in the design stage, and we're weeks away from releasing our iPhone and iPad digital editions. And we're doing something unusual in the industry–our magazine app will be available for free to existing subscribers. We'll let you know when the apps are live in the app store."

    1. I don't think publishers need to make all their iPad editions free. Just think the prices need to reflect the way their industry is changing, and the lack of heavy distribution and printing costs.

  3. None of the periodical publishers get it… ebooks are 1/2 the price or less of the printed version, and people consume them voraciously. No one is going to pay 300% more for iPad / electronic version of newspapers and magazine than the printed subscription price. Once the publishers get that and price appropriately, they will sell a ton. Until then, they will be sitting back wondering why they aren't selling, and may even think that there is no future in epublishing of periodicals.

  4. I am crazy sad. I went ahead and paid for the month before I realised there was no Sunday edition. That was a blow in itself, but then the format of the app was another blow. It is too simplistic, just does not feel like I am getting anywhere near the breadth and richness of content. And now I have discovered that you CAN NOT currently access the Sunday edition online…after 2/3 articles, they cut you off! I don't understand why, either let me buy it or let me read it.

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