Dark Prophecy – New ‘Digi-novel’ for the iPad

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Dark Prophecy is a new ‘digi-novel’ for the iPad. What’s a digi-novel? Apparently in this case it’s a mashup of a traditional thriller in eBook form with and hour long film, a series of ‘bridge’ videos, and a whole lot of interactive elements throughout.

Here’s a portion of its App Store introduction:

From the creator of the CSI franchise, Anthony E. Zuiker, comes Dark Prophecy: A Level 26 Thriller, the second book in the worldwide best-selling Level 26 series, featuring Steve Dark as the ultimate crime-scene tactician on the tail of the next embodiment of evil: the Tarot Card Killer.

Dark Prophecy for the iPad is the ultimate ‘Digi-novel’ experience, combining a 400 page, edge- of-your-seat reading experience; an hour long film, directed by Anthony E. Zuiker and starring Dan Buran, Justine Bateman and Michael Ironside, which takes you deeper into the character of Steve Dark; and an engaging, interactive experience that moves readers from passages in the book, to the ‘cyber-bridge’ videos, to a app features like collecting bios and evidence, and finally to the 100,000+ strong online community at Level26.com.

And a features listing:

• Full version of the book Dark Prophecy, available in three modes: Traditional – Like any eBook this version is text only and does not include the cyber-bridges. Digi-Novel – Containing both text and live-action motion picture cyber-bridges integrated into the reading experience, this option gives you a richer, more immersive experience. Ultimate Digi-novel – Giving you everything the ‘Digi-novel’ has to offer, this option is the ultimate cross-platform experience. While consuming the text and cyber-bridges, this option allows you to collect character bios and evidence as you work alongside Steve Dark to catch the Tarot Card Killer.
• The one-hour ‘cyber-bridge’ film, written and directed by Anthony E. Zuiker, that takes you deeper into the character of Steve Dark.
• Interactive Tarot Cards
• Character Bios and Photos
• Collect evidence and listen to Steve Dark’s analysis.
• Behind the scenes videos on the making of Dark Prophecy.
• An Icon and a Creator: An interview with Anthony E. Zuiker and Ann-Margret.
• Photo Gallery
• The Dark Prophecy Trailer
• Customizable text and audio.

I like a good CSI-style story or show, and this title certainly seems to be packed with multimedia and interactive content. I may well give it a look soon.

Here’s an App Store link for Dark Prophecy for iPad; it’s priced at $12.99.

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