Deja, iPad Video App Updated – Much-needed Stability Improvements and Bug Fixes

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I posted about Deja – a new ‘social’ videos app for the iPad – a couple of weeks back and mentioned that it really wasn’t ready for prime time. I said that because the app crashed all the time and was comically unstable.

Thankfully, the app has had a relatively quick update this week, to Version 1.1. The changes list for 1.1 is short:

— Critical bug fixes, improved stability
— Deja feed active

That second point means that there are now some preloaded sources for videos when you first launch the app, whereas before it offered a big full screen of nothing until you add your own Twitter, Facebook, or Google Reader accounts as sources.

I’ve tried out the updated app over the last couple days and I’m happy to see it is far more stable. I can actually watch videos in it now.

I have to say I’m still not a fan of the app. I kind of hate the background pattern on the screen, and find the UI too cluttered and quite ugly – but I’m glad to see the devs have at least made the app stable now.

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