Developers’ Thoughts on iPad – Near Unanimous Support?

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I think apps will be just as essential a factor in the iPad’s success (or failure) as they are for the iPhone.  Great apps will help to make it a great device I hope. It’s already got a big headstart in this area of course because it runs a version of the iPhone OS and nearly all the 140,000 apps currently in the iPhone App Store should run on it.

While on the one hand it’s great to see that we should be able to run most or all our iPhone favorites on the iPad, I’m even more keen to see and work with apps that are designed from scratch for the iPad. Several of the built-in apps (Contacts, Calendar, iBooks) looked great in last week’s demos, as did some of the third party apps made for the iPad.  Ever since that launch event I’ve been curious to see what developers are saying about any plans to develop for the iPad.

My impression so far is that there is near unanimous support for and excitement about developing for iPad.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve seen plenty of skepticism and negative reactions to the iPad at tech blogs and around the web in general, and even plenty of folks who feel that it’s ‘full of fail’ as they say on the internet.

When it comes to developer reaction though, it seems nearly all positive.  The two words I’ve seen most often when devs and software publishing companies are asked about the iPad are these:

very excited

I’ve not done any sort of in-depth study on this subject, but my overwhelming impression is that developers are chomping at the bit to get going on iPad apps, or already have done.  That they feel this is a game changing device in many ways and they definitely have big plans for it.

My impression has been formed from everything I’ve seen so far from developers talking about iPad on Twitter, from the quotes I’ve seen from devs at various websites that have asked about plans for iPad development, and from every single conversation I’ve had via Twitter and email with devs that I know

What’s your impression on this?  If you’re a developer please share your thoughts, even if specific plans are hush-hush for now.  If you’re not a developer, share your thoughts anyway from what you’ve seen or heard so far.

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One thought on “Developers’ Thoughts on iPad – Near Unanimous Support?”

  1. I’m in a developing team, responible for design and graphics, and for me the iPad was almost a miracle. I’ve always thought of the iPhone as limited, not because of it’s hardware or anything, but by the fact that it’s a phone, an must be small enough for your pocket. The relatively small iPhone is great at things, but we always needed a device that could do the same, but with a larger screen.
    It’s like an empty blackboard on which you can do whatever you feel like, and thats amazing, i already have quite some ideas. That’s why i, aside from the missing iSight Camera (i don’t think further multitasking with make much sense on the device), am very positive about the device.

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