Digg Now Has a (Pretty Boring) iPad App

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Digg for iPad

Digg now has an iPad app, just launched in the iPad App Store over this past weekend. You remember Digg right? The social news website that used to be a big, big deal on the internet. I can remember the days when if an article made it to the front page of Digg it was going to get some monster traffic.

The site seems to have faded a lot over recent years, and was sold this summer and then redesigned and sort of restarted from scratch. I used to spend a little time on Digg when it was in its heyday, so I was curious to see what there new iPad app is like.

Here’s a little bit of its App Store description and noted features:

Get the most interesting and talked-about stories on the Web right now.

◆ Read every story in a clean, mobile-friendly view
◆ Digg your favorite stories and share to Facebook, Twitter, by email or text
◆ Full support for offline reading (subway commuters rejoice!)
◆ Save stories to your Reading List (with support for Instapaper and Pocket)
◆ “Paperboy” — set Digg to automatically download the latest stories whenever you leave home!
◆ “Reading Sync” — close the Digg app before you could finish a story? The next time you open Digg on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll pick up where you left off
◆ VoiceOver support for the blind and visually impaired

Digg Sharing options

I used to have a Digg account but I guess those are no longer valid – as the app only prompts to sign in via Twitter or Facebook.

I have to say my first impression of the app is that it’s just quite boring. It has a very plain interface and though it claims to feature the ‘most talked about stories’ on the web, I don’t think it holds a candle to Twitter or Google+ or even iPad apps like Fliboard or Zite in that area.

It doesn’t have very much content either. Last night it had below 20 items in its only two content sections – Top and Popular. This morning there were around 20 stories in each. That’s just a very small amount of content to engage readers with.

And there’s really not much more to the app than its sparse content. You can thumbs up / digg an item and share it via some of the standard methods (email, Twitter, and Facebook etc). If you like you can also have it automatically share your diggs to Facebook.

Perhaps if Digg itself gets its mojo back and becomes hugely popular again then this app may become more interesting to use. For now, I don’t see any great attraction to it. There’s just not a lot going on in the app and it doesn’t have any unique or compelling features to draw you in.

If we have any Digg users here I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Digg iPad app. Am I missing the magic?

Here’s an App Store link for Digg; it’s a free app and a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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One thought on “Digg Now Has a (Pretty Boring) iPad App”

  1. I kind of like the app. You’re right, it’s not as good as Zite. But, I prefer it to FlipBoard. I prefer an app to give me top stories based on my preferences and the Digg app seems to hit that pretty well. While Flipboard requires me to go to each and every source to view each and every story. Flipboard does have the Cover Stories section, but as best as I can tell, that is a purely random selection of posts from all of my selected sources.

    Digg’s algorithm is not as good or as customizable as Zite’s. But, I’m willing to give it some time. It is currently my third news app, behind Zite and News.Me and just ahead of Undrip and Prismatic.

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