Do You Care If iPad Magazines Go Both Ways?

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Wired magazine for iPad

It’s been reported this week that the latest issue of Sports Illustrated magazine for the iPad only works in landscape mode,as they’ve been forced to do some cost-cutting on the production of this version of the magazine – and for some interesting reasons.

The latest issue of Sports Illustrated only supports viewing in "landscape" mode, as the publication has said that they were forced to cut costs because Apple does not allow iPad subscriptions at "a reasonable price."

My initial reaction to SI’s decision is that it’s a bad move.  I really like the ability to switch between landscape and portrait views when reading and in many apps in fact. Depending on time of day and where I’m reading something, one mode may be far more comfortable than the other.


This has got me wondering what others think on this subject.  So for those of you who enjoy newspaper and magazine apps on your iPads, what’s your feeling on this?  Do you care whether these apps support both orientations?  Would it ever affect your buying decision if you saw that a title does not support both modes?

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6 thoughts on “Do You Care If iPad Magazines Go Both Ways?”

  1. I do care about both ways. I just don't want to pay $ for each issue when I already have a printed subscription. when will they have both like People magazine?

    1. Latest rumors I've seen say Apple's working on an iBooks type separate store for newspapers and magazines – where subscriptions will be available.

  2. I really don't care. If a magazine app is designed for one specific orientation, and it's done well, that's fine for me. Games often don't work in both orientations, and real life magazines only work in one orientation, after all.

    1. True of course on the real life magazines only working in one orientation – but I think this is one of the natural benefits of a digital edition that it's very nice to have. I'd miss it I think.

  3. I care, it's rediculous that it doesn't rotate, there's no excuse! You've gotta make it 100% perfect for the device before you get regular subscriptions… it's not that people don't have money to spend…

    I've found this site for getting digital back issues, and free magazines for the iPad: – hopefully that is of some use to someone!

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