Documents to Go Office Suite Now Supports iPad

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Documents To Go for iPad

Documents To Go – one of the leading office suite apps for the iPhone – has now been updated to a universal app, supporting the iPad as well. It’s also currently selling at a 20% off price of $7.99 – just until tomorrow, June 4.

Here are some feature details from the DocsToGo App Store page:

"DocsToGo" lets you:
• EDIT, create & view Word files (including Word 2007, 2008, 2010)
• EDIT, create & view Excel spreadsheets (including Excel 2007, 2008, 2010)
• View PDF, PowerPoint, iWork & other files
• Send & receive attachments in Gmail – no need to forward your email to an untrusted mail server
• Includes desktop app (Win & Mac) with 2-way file sync (Wi-Fi required)

• Supports the iPad’s high resolution screen for displaying documents
• Open & edit files directly in DocsToGo from any third party app that supports the “Open In…” file sharing feature. (E.g. the built-in iPad email app can now open supported attachments in Docs To Go)
• Supports iTunes File Sharing via USB cable for moving files between your iPad & computer

The Documents To Go Premium edition of the app has also been update to a universal app with iPad support.  You can purchase it separately or via in-app purchase in the standard edition if you need these extra features:

• Edit PowerPoint files
• Use files stored in Google Docs, Dropbox,, iDisk & SugarSync
• Edit & send MS Exchange e-mail with attachments

You can find Documents To Go in the App Store now, priced at $7.99.

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12 thoughts on “Documents to Go Office Suite Now Supports iPad”

  1. This WAS a great app until this update. I love the fact that they made the app Universal binary for the iPad, but the iPad version doesn't have the MS Exchange support available. For me, that is a deal breaker. I use this app primarily for work items that I retrieve from our exchange server. This app how now become virtually non-functional for me personally.

    Great app, but don't buy if you use MS Exchange until they release another update fixing the lack of exchange support on the iPad. (this is still a great app on the iPhone, just it's not very easy to edit excel files on such a small screen).

    Keep up the blog! I like how your articles are written and they are very informative.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.

      I've never used the app (don't need to work with MS Office apps) – but I thought the standard / premium separation had been around for a while, with Exchange support coming only in premium version. Have I got that wrong?

    2. Hi,

      They are saying the attachments feature has been left out of the iPad version because it is not required as the iPad supports loading attachments in the mail app.

      Apparently you can open attachments into Docs2Go in the mail app.


      1. Ian:

        This may sound dense, but when I attempt to attach a document or picture to emails that I am writing from my iPad, I can not figure out how to attach these items. Is there some method for doing this? thanks

          1. Generally, you do things 'backwards' to achieve what you're after. As in, when working on a document, you choose to email it from within the app being used – you don't use the Mail app and then try to add an attachment.

  2. Lots of complaints about the missing Exchange support on the iPad. I bought the Premium version and the option to set it up is missing in the options. I'll have to look and see if that option is there on the iPhone later. Thankfully I don't need the feature at this time, but I'd be rather upset to see it omitted if I did.

      1. I just took a look and the Exchange option IS present when running the same version on my iPhone.

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